Having attempted to ascertain the email address of Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis, I have sent the email below and am also publishing on my blog so that others can read it. Fingers crossed I get a response.

Dear Mr Inglis

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are many people such as myself who are hoping that the John Lewis Partnership will stop funding hate through advertising in the Daily Mail and Daily Express, particularly in the spirit of the Christmas message being promoted. I’m sure you agree that Christmas in particular is supposed to be a season of goodwill towards *all* people, not just those of a particular gender, race, or sexuality.
I have shopped in John Lewis for the majority of my adult life, and have always encouraged others to do the same as you provide high quality merchandise of all kinds. However, as an LGBT person who is confident that I make up a segment of customers that is no small percentage of John Lewis’s custom, I ask that you think about the type of article published in the Daily Mail and Daily Express which serve only to stir up hate against LGBT people, and indeed many other minority groups.
You may be aware that since the EU Referendum, hate crimes have increased dramatically, fuelled in part by the media, through which others have felt empowered to carry out attacks which they believe they have public support for. LGBT people have suffered proportionally a far greater rise in hate crime than any other minority, and I am sure that newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express have contributed to this through their rhetoric.
As a brand, I feel that the John Lewis Partnership should not tarnish itself through association with newspapers that are continually publishing discriminatory articles which lead to ever more hatred of minorities and hate crimes. Hopefully you feel the same. So please, do the right thing at the John Lewis Partnership, and remove any and all future advertising from the Daily Mail, Daily Express, and any other newspaper which promotes any kind of discrimination.
Yours faithfully