As I mentioned in my first post about Huanchaco, the town is a surfer hangout. On the first day, we did our first lesson in a group with Onechako surf school. I had a great time, and decided that I’d continue with the lessons.

Andy and I had a couple more lessons together with Alejandro until Andy cut his foot quite badly a few times, which is the difficult bit about coming on to shore where said shore is full of stones and shells. Luckily for me, I hadn’t gotten too badly cut, so I continued.

My fourth lesson was a bit foolish. I’d been out for a Thai massage, came back all nice and relaxed, then had the idea that since I had a whole afternoon still, I might as well see if anybody was in at the surf school (it was Sunday after all), and as it happened, there was a group heading out, so I quickly suited up and joined them. When I came out of the water, my shoulder was somewhat sore, and it persisted. I think I must have torn a bit of muscle.

So, my final lesson was postponed for a day, but it was well worth it when it arrived. All these pictures were taken by Andy, and one of them has my instructor, Alejandro, in the background.