Initially, the thing to master was pronouncing Pachacamac without evoking memories of Nanny Ogg trying to spell “banana”. In honesty, the lady in the tour bus office didn’t have a problem with the fact that I struggled to pronounce the location, and happily told me how to say Pachacamac correctly.

The site itself is somewhat barren, although unlike something found by Tony Robertson, Pachacamac isn’t just a series of small walls. The size of the settlement is quite impressive for somewhere dedicated to religious purposes, including of course some good old Incan ritual sacrifice. The site was originally home to the Cult of Pacha Kamaq (pictured below), the creator god, “Earth Maker”. It was later expanded following Inca conquest to include a Temple of the Sun, the sun god of course being more important than Pacha Kamaq, and therefore getting a bigger, better, and higher temple.

I’d post an interesting picture, but the site isn’t as interesting as its history given that it mostly consists of dust, and partial temples. So instead, I’m putting up a picture that shows just how barren it generally is!