Today’s outing started with an attempt to use the local bus system, which is complicated to say the least. Unfortunately, the online suggestion was as wrong as the bus system is complicated. So, like any good tourists with money to burn, we got a taxi, in fact, we got an Uber. We will brave the bus system once again on another day.

After an hour or so of trying to get to Museo Larco, we arrived to find the largest selection of historic jugs I have ever seen. We saw jugs from different epochs of Peruvian history, and jugs from different areas. After the jugs came semi-circular knives that I definitely wouldn’t want my throat cut with. Thankfully, I’m not likely to be in ritual combat to appease the gods and do something about the El Nino any time soon, so I’m probably safe. After seeing the various ways the rulers adorned themselves to wow the masses, we moved on to yet more jugs. This time though, they were “erotic” jugs, although I feel that this label was largely applied to attract tourists. The creation of life was celebrated, as were acts that, well, didn’t create so much life. Needless to say, I think I need something new to pour milk out of when I get home.